Can I Get Some Feedback On This Trance-Y Tune?

This was done in Renoise of course. Keep in mind it hasn’t been mastered, since it’s still in the mixing stage obviously.

10.3 MB
mp3 320kbps

Streak2010 is just a temporary name I use on another music production forum. I still haven’t settled on an actual producer name.

That serviceprovider is reeeeeally slow… 20k/s slow… doubt many will want to wait even if they wanted to :)

All right, try this:


Pretty good. :) I think it needs some work in the bass department. Also, I think it needs some stronger melodies. You could add a pad playing chords in the background to fill it out a little, too. I actually think there may be a bit too much variation throughout. Maybe choose one or two themes and then stick with those. I really don’t think the overdriven electric guitar at the end sits well and unfortunately, the little riff that the detuned squarewave synth plays reminds me of the James Bond theme music. :P