Can I load 8 bit amiga samples onto Renoise?

Hi guys,

Can I load 8 bit amiga samples sampled via Turbosound in a 16bit Renoise project?

You can also load .MOD files in Renoise that contains 8-bit samples so yes.
Exporting 8 bit is a different thing though, you would need to use an external program to convert 16 bit back to 8-bit aiff.

You can load them into a .mod .indeed but in my experience the samples will sound a bit dull a bit muffled. and you miss out on that indescribable mechanic background sound you have on the Amiga.
best, I think, you record all the sounds from your Amiga output to get the closest 1 on 1 sound.
I’ve gone to that trouble myself for a couple of samples.
But mostly I get the original sample, loaded in a .mod (In my case an .XM converted from DBM from Digibooster Pro) and play around with the LofiMat device till I got close.

vV - The technosound samples are in 8bit mate so no need to convert from 16bit.

vV & Dr Dipps - hmmm, thanks for the advice. May just stick to Amiga/Octamed

Thanks for taking the time to reply, appreciated.

Also, use the wildcard * button on file browser to get IFF or whatever the old amiga format files are called to show, they’ll load…

It takes some practice to get them to not sound like cheese against a typical Renoise instrument though.

How do you do it vice versa?
Getting 32-bit samples prepared for Amiga?
If you have the hardware to sample it with e.g. turbosound:that’s the most obvious first thing to do, but if you depend on UAE emulators…

Audacity will load .iff samples I have used it on a bunch of samples from Aminet, then just export as wav. It also allows you to save as amiga .iff, go to export file > options and select it from the header drop-down menu.

Old thread but I thought I’d throw this out there - to get the grain of your old samples back, turn off interpolation in the sample options. This is what is stripping out all the nice crunch from the low sample rate instruments. It will bring them back to life without having to fake it with a reduction plugin.