Can I Use Renoise As A Sampler Controlled By Midi?


Is it possible to trigger numerous (> 30) samples/instruments in Renoise through MIDI?

I have written a program that produces pseudo-random melodies and its main idea is based on triggering random melodic samples. I’d like to load more than 30-40 samples in Renoise, set the MIDI IN to a virtual midi cable, and then play a MIDI file generated by my program with its MIDI output set to the virtual midi cable input.

So far, I’ve only been able to trigger the currently selected instrument in Renoise. How can I trigger different instruments/samples through MIDI? Program change does not seem to work.



Check out the mapping samples to MIDI keys part.

Yes, but no, this wouldn’t work. I’d like to have the full key range available for each sample, not just a small note range… :(

Program changes don’t work very swift, neither in VSTI instruments or MIDI itself. Though VSTI seem to respond even slower than MIDI.
What you can do is use 40 instruments and assign the channel and preselect the program for that instrument.
In case you pick a different instrument, the change is direct ofcourse because it is preprogrammed.

To make Renoise automatically change to the instrument, you need to check the “Auto instrument change” checkbox.

What this one does is autoselect the instrument the pattern-cursor is currently near in the pattern editor.
In this case you don’t insert notes into the pattern, just the instrument numbers.
Set in the instrumentnumbers on strategic rows in various patterns and then just let Renoise roll (either record or play the pattern sequence)

Your program then only has to send in the note data, renoise does the switching work for you.

(this is also a trick that can be used for live events to swiftly change through a whole set of instruments on different midi devices)

Try to fool around with that.