Can I use the FX column to send MIDI CC to an hardware synth ?


I am using Renoise to pilot a hardware MIDI synth. For that, I created a MIDI instrument in Renoise. So far, so good.

Now I’d like to use the FX column in the pattern editor to send MIDI CC messages to the synth. Is that possible ?

I’d also like to use the automation curve editor (that’s not its name, but you know, the section at the bottom that can be displayed in place of the FX chain) to draw those MIDI CCs.

Somehow, I suspect that once the first question is answered, the answer to the second will be easy to find.

So, anyone knows how to do that ?


I guess this is what you are looking for?

You can do it with the meta device “instr. midi control”

Also automation you can do with this.

Exactly what I was looking for !

And it works for both the FX column and the automation strip.

Tranks :slight_smile:

deleted by author (stupid question)