Can It Play Samples Directly From Hdd?

I’m not quite new to renoise, but the question sounds like a noob’s :)
So not long ago I got those huge giga libraries and I can’t compile an instrument.
As far as I know there are only 16 sampels allowed for an instrument. It is enough for ~2 octaves, so I have to split one instrument into two to make at least 4 octaves (7 sampels per octave). So maybe I should try to use any external VSTi or something to compile an instrument of 28 sampels (4 octaves). But here it comes - everything is loaded into RAM, there is no way I can upload these even if I had 1gig, but I have even less - 512Mb.
I also record guitars in 3-6 channels and it also comes in my RAM if I make a standard instrument, so a guitar in 3 channels of a song 10min length can become a problem even with copied alike parts, and there must be something left for bass.
I understand that it’s a tracker, but I’m using trackers for almost 7 years and I got used to them… cubase and alike soft is not for me…
I would apreciate any help very much.
Sorry for my english :)

Sorry you cant.

Audio-tracks/sample streaming is not possible in Renoise.

You have to use a vsti plugin to make a workaround for this.

There has been many suggestions for a better RNI (renoise instrument) format, and streaming of samples/tracks/freeze etc.

For more info have a look in the pinned threads in the ‘Ideas and suggestion’ forum.


at least it is clear to me what to expect and to look for
thanks again.