Can Someone Explain To Me What Snap To Zero Does?

Everyone keeps talking about Snap To Zero

I see it as a toggle button in the Sample Editor.

I haven’t figured out what it does…

Can someone school me please?


It snaps your selection to the closest (I think) zero amplitude point(s). I.e. it does what we used to do before manually when trimming or looping a sample, to avoid glitches.

Snap to grid or snap to zero, it finds the zero points when either selecting an area or moving the loop-nodes.
There is a good way to see what it does by enabling the loop-editor and then look what happens if you drag the loop-nodes (not shifting them with the fine shift buttons, but really pick the nodes and drag them)

this is nice, making a selection when ‘On’ make it jump only to zero points. i havent used a software that combines these 2 steps in one until now!
the devs totally read our suggestions!!!
i guess technically its combining 4 steps. :D
an since you can turn it off so easy it doesnt get in the way with using very small samples.

options mmm