Can we have a haters forum section ?

It seems to me that a lot of people are kind of disrespectful, harsh or just not very nice toward the renoise team and their choices these days, this situation was growing a lot with the renoise 3 speculation thread but now that renoise 3 is out its just complaining everywhere. Haters you got the right to complain but please do it with respect and kindness or if you want to prove your lack of good vocabulary please restrain yourself until they open the new haters forum section !

Can we have a lovers section too?

I love you guys like a psychotic boyfriend who won’t take “I’m not gay” for an answer.

I support the creation of per-user forum sections, where every single user can write on its own section about his life and thoughts, and anyone but him can reply

I find it a pity that some people don’t have the patience or respect for the work that the Renoise development team releases. I don’t mind if folks post a rant once in a while, everbody gets frustrated from time to time. It just doesn’t need to be all the time you know? That part gets old pretty fast. There are fortunately enough people that do submit good arguments along with their criticism and are not just purely pessimistic. As long as people remain constructive in their criticism and keep supplying arguments and ideas of improvement, i don’t see any good in a haters forum, no matter how much ironic this topic was meant.

This post wasnt serious, its internet dude you should know that ;) !

haha honestly i understand what you say, i dont want either this kind of forum section. This was just my way of saying that i find that a lot of people are unrespectful towards the team, thats all :) !

I very much agree with you vV, and kudos to you for telling this in explicit terms.

IMHO the Renoise forum moderators are maybe too tolerant in regard to users who are not interested in submitting any arguments along with their criticism. Much of the bashing of Renoise 3.0 beta seems to come from emotionally disturbed wannabe producers with very limited tracking skills and an unlimited set of bad attitudes. The non-constructive kind of people who see it as an end in itself to pour out negative energy on the release as some sort of immature revenge just because they didn’t get their preferred tracker version of some conventional DAW. Some of them are clearly just trolling.

Let’s hope Redux will attract more of the kind of users who’re open-minded and curious enough to learn something new, while getting a powerful VST/AU sample-mangling phrase plugin to be used in their preferred DAW. Then those who need it will sooner or later purchase a license for the big brother Content Libraries building software - Renoise. It’s brilliant.

No we are not, we just don’t address troublemakers in public.
Almost everyone is cool after some smalltalk, but some people do not even give a shit after that, but these are very rare (Like Lily357).