Can you help me edit this file; now with free beer.

I’m completely editing this thread, because I’ve edited several times, and if I edit it and leave the original post, I am afraid the question will be really confusing.

I have 1 php file I am trying to edit. I have permission to edit it. This is a direct link to the file:

The file’s name is TPPaySettings.php

Here are the editing instructions:

The first file: tinypass-form.php ( steps 1 and 2 )I have edited. That was very simple to do. The second file ( steps 3 and 4), is a little more complicated. I am having trouble seeing where the constr ends, and what classes they are talking about.

I have a funny feeling, that I am not the only one confused because I see a couple of folk’s have dl’d the file from my box account. That’s alright. I do not think akilezwebsolutions instructions are that clear. I don’t want to criticize them too much, because I think it was nice of them to put the instructions up in the first place.

Anyways, I make a trade. If you help me with the file. I will master 2 of your tracks using renoise, you get the xrns. I use your choice of windows freeware, or your choice of vst that we both have licenses to, so you can easily see what I did, and how I did it.

Not mix. Master. Just not to confuse. Just send me a PM.

If you do not want mastering, which I have seen people on the web charge up to $75 a track… Than I will buy you 1 beer at a pub. Anywhere in the world. Please just send me your paypal addy via PM.

Your edits have to be able to pass the sandbox.


I appreciate you not criticizing too much. I am curious. How was the instruction unclear? Is there a way that I can help you to understand the code or the placement?

Additionally I was wondering, Did you want to use the latest version of TinyPass? I have successfully made split-pay modifications to the plugin. I could help you there as well. Check out my latest work.

TinyPass SplitPays for WordPress, Mark:2

Welcome to Renoise.

Let me drink some coffee and deal with my morning, and I will get in touch with you through the contact you form on your site. However, as I said somewhere else, the first time I used that contact form, I did not get a response. Please look out for my email; which you shall receive, after I shift some gears with coffee.


Here you go:

This is a git repo. You can run gitk (or any other git browsing tool) and see a diff to see what I did for next time.


Thanks Conner_Bw,

I really appreciate it… and I guess I’ll write a Akilez a new contact form on his website because… He does seem like a nice fella… so he should know, I appreciate him too.

Cheers mate

Ps… let me know if I can buy you a beer. :slight_smile: I totally will

If ever our paths cross I’m expecting one!

No rush. :)