Can You Recomed Other Music Forums?

Hello, Im searching a good forum about electronic music. This one is great, but Renoise specific.
I suppose each one has his favorites, and maybe dont like some things in other forums, but I want to know your preferences/insights.
IDM, KVR??? I find good topics in the IDM forum, thats my first option. I want something width, from music production, sound design, to discuss artists, etc.

gearslutz : lots of gear talk , big ego’s , lots of clashing between members …etccc…
kvr : nice , lots of softtalk
watmm : fanboyclub for most of the warp/rephlex artists , not really interesting , I gues the majority is of the forum members is in their teen years , t occasionally there are some good topics …
electro music ,: great mature audience , but it 's not verry active for the time being

IDM ftw

+1 to gentleclockdivider’s assessments.

I’ll add that although it’s far less active, the quality of the discussion on is consistently high. Not much signal, but a great signal-to-noise ratio.

Also, check out the Tape Op forums for gear talk. It’s like Gearslutz with less of the ego clashing. Both of them aren’t really electronic-music focused, but still good places to go when you’re researching s gear decision or need to do some actual recording.

Anyone here hang out on VSE?

I can recommend: - a real gem - things you don`t find in expensive books.

you can diddle your skittle over @

not exactly a forum in the truest sense but VERY informative. not only on sound design, but a lot of other stuff…


haha, its true. watmm is full of fanboys, but… it seems thats the point of the forum.
kvr seems nice and veryyy active, but I want something more open (discuss a wide range of artists, ideas, software, audio, etc).
IDM seems good, the name make it looks like watmm, but thats only the surface : ) Googling in the past years I found very good topics there.
And Reaper forum, I think its a must for me, Im starting to use it for arrange sounds, mix & mastering.