Can You Stop Renoise Overwriting Recorded Notes?

I noticed this problem in Renoise recording;

I turn on Chord Mode and Record Note Delays. Turn the Speed up to 8 and BPM down to 32…

I press right shift, and start to record. If I press a note, release it very fast and press another note… instead of going into the next note column, it replaces the first note I played. Shouldn’t it add into the next note column because of chord mode? Can you avoid this overwriting of already recorded notes?

Is your instrument filled when you apply this test?
With samples or a VSTI / MIDI instrument, it should not overwrite existing notes. however if your instrument is “empty” then Renoise does not apply chord-mode to that instrument at all.

I’m not sure quite what you mean by filled… but I’ve tried it with both a VST and a sample. I press right shift and type in;

quite fast, and I see the initial C-400 appear and is then replaced by A-400. So the whole sequence should be;
00: C-400 D#-400 F-400 A-400 C-500

on 5 columns there, but I get only a couple of notes per line;
00: A-400 C-500
or some variation of that.

With the speed setting at 8 and the BPM on 32, it seems to easy to reproduce. Go into record mode, and type zx very fast, making sure to release the z key before pressing x. The C-400 is replaced by a D-400. I just doesn’t seem to be recording fast note patterns properly. Or maybe it is my machine?

If you release a key a note off event should be generated but renoise can’t insert a note-off if a new note event is triggered somwhere on the same row.
A chord note is only added to a subtrack if the previous note is being held or you have the left-shift key pressed.
Using speed 8 and 32bpm this shows Renoise note and event integrity could be improved. I don’t know if the timing schedule method Renoise uses to handles these events can be fixed to handle note-events like this better, to me it seems like the nature of the beast.

Ahh I see. Thanks for the reply. I guess this is something inherent in trackers (I’ve not used one before this).

Currently yes, but this may become improved in the future.
Migrating a tracker its core dinosaur functionality to new standards ain’t easy if compatability for old songs need to remain intact.