Can You Toggle Groove In Fx Column?

Hello, everyone! First, I should say that Renoise has been a huge revelation for me! I’m finally doing things I’ve always wanted to do. I love that you can punch in an effect command to change the BPM from line to line and I use it a lot, actually. Can you turn global groove on/off this way as well (like you can with other effects/VSTs)? I’ve looked all over, and if it’s here, I’m missing it. Thanks in advance. :)

No! The global groove can’t be automated and I hate this aswell. Lets keep bugging Taktik about it and he may introduce it sometime :)

hehe Thanks for the answer. I know there are workarounds for this, but a toggle command would be so much easier.

Me either.

but try a real drastic groove-setting, let your song play and switch the groove on and off while playing, especially if you have long samples the song fxxxs up and you need to restart it. so I guess there needs some work to be done to be able to on/off the groove while playing.