Cannot modify all device parameters?


I noticed that certain parameters of the internal effects are not accessible via the generic Lua API.
For example the Display-Mode and the channel mode of the EQ5 here are not exposed as parameters.

My question: Is there a canonical way to modify these?
I figured that I could theoretically modify the XML-Data from the preset. The channel mode value seems to be there. But not the display-mode. Is there a convenient API for modifying XML values?

This has been bugging me for a while. Any help is appreciated.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<FilterDevicePreset doc_version="12">
  <DeviceSlot type="Eq5Device">

Doesn’t seem so, but it’s easy enough to ham-hand any non-exposed settings by using string substitution and overwriting the XML, ala:

local t =
local last_device_idx = table.getn(t.devices) + 1
local send = t:insert_device_at('Audio/Effects/Native/#Send', last_device_idx)
local settings = {
  MuteSource = 'false',
  ApplyPostVolume = 'false',
  IsMaximized = 'false',
  -- etc, etc

local preset = send.active_preset_data

-- abstract this into its own function for profit
for k,v in pairs(settings) do
  local p_from = "<"..k..">(.*)</"..k..">"
  local p_to = "<"..k..">"..v.."</"..k..">"
  -- string substitution, aka "The Hand of Ham"
  preset = string.gsub(preset, p_from, p_to)

-- "overwrite" preset
send.active_preset_data = preset

It doesn’t look like it should work, but it does. In your case, you’d want to rewrite the InputMode node, but as for DisplayMode…??? I’ve got nothing.