Cant Assign Some Keys To "go To Next/previous Pattern In Sequence


in previous versions of renoise i’ve assigned shift + cursor right/left to “go to next/previous pattern in sequence” (ive got used to this keys using other trackers in the past), but in v1.8 it wont let me to assigne shift + cursor right/left since renoise shows me a warning sayng that those keys are not assignable and are used for global selection…my question is; is this situation temporary until 1.8 final or is it definitive ?

great work on the mixer…its so usefull…it makes everything easier…thanks…

The situation is not temporary.
If you go astray from using the default keyboardsettings, you always risk these situations can happen in the future. For you this future has become today.

The global keysettings cannot be changed because you would mess up functionality on other areas.

shift+arrows are assigned for text and pattern area selection and the like.
This is basic functionality in windows applications in general and you are mostly not allowed to change such shortcuts either.

thanks for the info…