Cant Change Volume In A Track - All others Work

Look, please
Cant change volume in track8, fader does not operate…ckfuckfuck.xrns

Why 0С00 dont work?

Automations like all has removed. Evil only with this one channel.

In a mode “POST” fader works, and in mode “PRE” - is not present

I can confirm that, for some reason, the pre volume fader doesn’t seem to affect the channel.

Furthermore if I make a new track and try to duplicate the behavior, I can’t.

This looks like a bug.


I moved the topic from help & support to beta 2.0 bug reports.

it’s version 1.9.1

I can operate the fader in pre mode in the latest 2.0 beta.

I’m using a beta from the future, and moving the pre-fader doesn’t affect the volume.


I have had the same problem in v2.0b5

Without downloading the song,
When looking at the image, i also see there are effect-command related options to this fader, but that might be the c00 command that you attempted?
There is a difference between channel volume (03xx) and track volume (0cxx).

What can be a nuisance is when you set your fader to a certain position in the start-pattern and you save your song, then that is the initial value the song starts with. A 0c80 on row 00 of your first pattern in the song should at least set the fader to 0db.

Download the song, remove all the commands, try to get the pre-volume to do something. It’s broken, and only on that track. I’m guessing something odd in the XML that Renoise needs to be aware of as this is a “dead-lock” situation.

Sorry for the late reply.

The first device in the chain (the one which controls the pre vol/pan) somehow got bypassed. I dont know how you manged to do this, as this can not be done in the GUI and not with automations, but if you send the song over to me (taktik renoise com) I will repair it for you.

yeah, thx, man
I have decided all to copy in other channel :)