Can't Find Any Bugs!

I’m trying hard to find a bug in the Renoise 2.1 betas. I’ve only spotted and reported one so far, and it’s tearing my self-esteem apart. Maybe I’m too bound to a specific workflow? What makes a good debugger anyway? What do the best really do?

Never finish a song , Not that I am a good bughunter, but I rarely never finish a song , not that I am …
…finish a song …etc…etc…

It’s called “deliberately trying to break things”. Do whacky shit like trying to create metadata feedback loops with the hydra. You’re bound to eventually break something.

What BYTE said, in addition, Paying attention.
Some behaviour of Renoise (at least I find myself in this) is quicly interpretated as intended.
that could be a bug or just a new feature you want.
and people like BYTE love new features ;)