Can'T Find Ni Massive In Renoise

Okay, I’m a bit of a novice so bear with me, this could be simple. I can’t find Massive anywhere in Renoise, I know that I’ve set it up in my instruments folder and Renoise scans it but it just isn’t there. It’s really getting on my mammaries.

Also, slightly linked. My PC only seems to want to play sound from Massive (when I use it alone just to play around with sounds) sometimes. So, I open up massive, hit a key and no noise comes out so I end up closing it and opening it again until it works. Anyone got any ideas? I’m running PC by the way.

Just to say, all my other plug ins are there, just not massive.

Maybe, should try to trash CachedFailedVSTs.db & CachedVSTs.db files once (Please keep them somewhere for safety), and restart Renoise.
You can find them in the Renoise Preferences Folder :
[Help] menu in Renoise >> [Show the Preferences Folder…]

From my experience, Massive is a great synth but one of the worst CPU bashers I have encountered. Not sure of the spec of your PC but this might be a factor?

Some sounds use more than others, for example the preset Harpolodica (i think it’s called) will crap out with anything more than 3 - 4 notes polyphony and even when playing single note melodies, as the the sustain tail on each proceeding note carries on a while after the note/ key is released. Once you do track down the plugin folder it would probably be worth using the good old plug-in grabber liberally to generate XRNI’s instead.

Strange, it works for me. What file did you put in your vst folder?