Can't Get Into Backstage

So I bought a copy of renoise a few years ago. I gave my mother the money and she purchased the software for me through the site and I got the full version and everything was gravy. Then our computer crashed, and she’d deleted the confirmation email. WHAT CAN I DO? I’d appreciate any advice. Thanks guys.

Send an email to: support

Backstages are for girls only

(ps: dont hate, had to do it)

poor guy. he can’t get to beatslaughters sample pack.

Don’t let girls in the backstage, they eat all the food, drink the booze and then pass out on your 2000 eur guitar. True story.

So true I pictured it quite well, so… lemme rephrase: NOBODY IN THE BACKSTAGE, THE RAEL PARTAY IS OUTSIDE

You should have added a “pseudo artist room for groupies” on your rider.

Issue has been resolved.

Locking the thread before this gets too silly :P