Can't Get My Midi Gear To Sync!

Sorry if I’m posting the same question everybody has, but I search all over the forum and the wiki and couldn’t find anything.

I’m using a Microkorg wired into a Focusrite Saffire, with a 1.83ghz/2gbram Macbook with MacOSX Leopard 10.5.2 running Renoise 1.9.1.

Now, my problem is that when I enter notes that my Microkorg plays, I can’t get the sound to synk with the samples that Renoise plays. I’m using the line-in device, which plays one of the inputs on my Saffire which the Microkorg is connected to. I tried adjusting the delay at the midi instrument pane, but no value either positive or negative seems to work. Please note that this works fine in Ableton Live…

This is getting pretty annoying and if I can’t fix this I will not use Renoise any more.

So I’m pretty desperate, do any of you know how to fix this? Cause I don’t want to ditch Renoise yet :confused:

is the microkorg running directly to the macbook or through the saffire?
posting a screenshot of your midi settings in renoise will help you too.

What kind of sync problems are you struggling with? A constant delay / latency or randomly off times (jitter)?

If you play back your MicroKorg not via a LineInDevice but listen to it directly, does then things are synced up fine?

Recording always introduces latency, as the SoundCard needs some time to route the audio back from the HW to the driver/software. So we can not fix this until we have tools like PDC or custom track delays.

A workaround for now: If you cant fix the delays with the MIDI instruments delay slider, you can at least minimize the latency by setting up a smaller buffer size in your audio config. Core Audio is quite fast, so you should be able to set up something like 5 ms.

Another workaround is to record the played back synth in Renoises Sample Editor with the “pattern sync” modes. This is for sure not as comfortable as it is with the LineInDevice, but if you want to render down your songs you anyway have to record your MIDI gear somewhen. Also you can specify an extra offset there to align the recordings.

And guess you just had a bad day, or is this the only thing you expect/need from Renoise?