Cant Get To User Pages!

…and i have completely forgotten how to get to my user page (i am a registered/ liscenced/ owner of renoise)

i havent downloaded any alphas since like the r4 and i need to get up to date.

i forgot how to access my user page! i got all of the emails but there is no link or anything! :(

somebody help? :(

I believe there’s a password resque function in Renoise user page.

no…its not the password…i forgot how to find the user page itself!

i know my password and i know my status…i just need to get to that page where it tells you what you can download and whatnot.

haha thanks! i thought it was somethng like that…i had “users.renoise…” thats why it wasnt working :P

Are we supposed to know why you´re refering to Zlad? :blink: