Can't Load A Sample

I’m using Renoise 1.281. I open Renoise, search in a browser for a WAV-samples, and then click/double-click on them (as described in the manual), but nothing happens, I can’t play them by the keyboard and sample editor and other indicators remain empty. Though MIDI and VSTi instruments work correctly.

After the double-click to load the sample, look at the bottom-left of renoise window, maybe an error message is saying you what kind of problem is occurred.

No messages is displayed in that bar

I know that this is a stupid question but:
Did you use the Renoise Browser (Disk Op.) or a Windows browser (Explorer)?

2Gilli: Of course, I’m using Renoise browser (Disk Op.).

2Bantai: Yes, I use standard PCM WAV files. However, I copied mpglib.dll to Renoise folder, but nothing changed.

Samples is displayed only when I click “.” button near the filelist. When I click or double-click the sample, its filename appears in the “Save” textfield near the filelist. I tried to click “Save” but it only saves the current song with filename of the sample.

Thanks! They should write about that radio button in the manual :))

P.S.: Aaron rules :) And my momma liked your [1] tune :)

The last person i heard about having probs getting a sample to load properly, was loading the sample into sample-slot 04, while the virtual keys were all still assigned to sample slot 00 :P
So you may as well keep that trick in mind ;)

2vvoois: Thanks, I had understood that earlier than loaded a sample by Bantai’s advice :)

2Bantai: :o I feel for Aaron… You can’t imagine how you helped me to understand some things.