Can't Load Old Songs (VST issues) SOLVED

I’m having trouble opening a few of my songs in the new beta versions. In 1.9 they worjed like a charm, but in the new version it loads fine until the activating new song pops up and then it dies… Crashes the programme. hat to do?? A few of these songs are scheduled to be released on CD in the near future, but that wont happen as long as they wont work. Please help me

Could you please send me such a song (taktik renoise com), then I’ll take a look at this. Have you already tried if it loads when disabling the VST folders in the Renoise prefs? Then we at least know if its a VST related problem or not…

The files are 70 mb or more. The open fine without the VST. (Thanks!!) I’ll just save a version without the VST synths and reload them and see how it goes.

Thanks again.