Can't pay instrument with FX in multiple tracks

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but it seems that you can’t play one instrument with a fx chain (in sample editor) simultaneously from separate tracks.
Is this how its supposed to behave, and if it is, could there be some easy workaround that I haven’t figured out?

I think the fx chain feature is great, but I often record same instrument in multiple tracks so this kind of ruins it for me, unless I just copy the instrument for each track which isn’t ideal either.

It says so on the instrument setting before you create the fx chain. I think they limited it so that people’s computers won’t explode.

yes this is a limitation by design. it is similar to what happens with VST instruments

This is more or less already revealing the engine for Redux as a VST plugin.
You can create different FX chains for each specific (group of) sample(s) so in that regard, your mixing is then on instrument level rather than track level.
The generic track all notes are originating in will then be the “group” track where you can apply a generic fx chain on top of it.

You don’t have to use the Fx chains inside the instrument in Renoise though. But when using this structure in Redux inside another host, there is no real other way to enjoy DSP effects. You can still have some benefits from this system performance wise though (live performance -> routing to specific outputs and e.g. process it with external processors etc.)

man, can’t wait to see what redux is gonna be capable of doing…!!! :yeah: :dribble: :panic: :w00t:

Huh? I don’t see it :confused:

anyway I think I misunderstood how instument fx chains work. I thought they were applied to the bare sample before they got played, a bit like “Apply current track’s DSPs” in sample editor. but now I get it.

thanks everyone for clearing things up

Everything what you can do inside a Renoise instrument now, except loading plugins. So if you want to have an idea what you get in another DAW, simply test out the instrument its new options.
I suspect a lot of people don’t see the relationship between the modulation/fx chains and links to the samples. (it was not obvious to me at first either.
Also do note that Redux still is in development, so whatever it will be offering more or different than Renoise does is not clear yet.