Can't render in 24bit?

So I tried rendering my final song in 24 bits, 48khz. It does render, but the begginning of the track will sound like it’s doing a feedback distortion like when you place a microphone close to the speakers. Then as the track continues, the distortion gets bigger and bigger until you have a huge block of feedback.

What the actual fuck?

24/44 does the same. The only one that works is 16/44

osx 10.9, renoise 3 b6, just tried to render a song @ 24/88 - NO ISSUES AT ALL.

can guess you have some fucked up plugin on Master channel or some other plugin causing this.

Have you tried rendering in “Realtime” mode?
I’m not sure if you use VST plugins, but if you do, make sure the VST plugins also support 24 bit processing (besides that they most likely need real-time mode)