Can't Set Negative Midi Delay On Track

I’m trying to get Renoise set up with a new audio interface and my external MIDI gear. When I let Renoise control an external synth, it is lagging slightly behind the drum track made of samples inside of Renoise.

Now, the problem is that the Delay slider in Instrument Settings/MIDI Properties only lets me set positive values. From the screenshot in the manual, it looks like it should be possible to set a negative delay as 0ms is in the centre of the slider. However, for me, 0ms is all the way to the left making it impossible to drag it into negative territory.

Anyone know why this might be?

Perhaps, i should have recaptured a more correct representational image.
This option should give you some benefit regarding MIDI delays:

And if that is not enough, can also manually adjust the track delay itself, hence the negative midi delay option became redundant.
Also the mixer pages do not clearly demonstrate this feature (it is mentioned, but not displayed).
But if you open up the mixer, you see the 0.000ms buttons underneath each track.
You can set these positive or negative.
When you set it positive (the device/instrument played in that track has a delay)the other tracks are delayed by that amount of msecs, if you set it negative (renoise has a delay), the other tracks start playing the contents xx msecs earlier.

Oh OK. Thanks for the explanation.

I saw the mixer delay but just assumed it would only affect audio coming from Renoise, not audio from external devices. Will try this when I get home!

So delays work the opposite in Renoise to what they do in Ableton Live? There I set a negative delay for external MIDI synths to get them to play in time.

The track delay affect both midi and audio.
So if you have both midi out and Line-in in the same track, you should have to set half the delay as if you had midiout and Line-in on separate tracks (else you get double delay).

The plugin delay compensation should however in most cases prevent you from getting delays in the first place.
Make sure you are using the correct midout mode in instruments and Line-in latency mode, and that PDC is enabled.

Oh, maybe I misunderstood PDC too? I thought it only applied to actual software plugins, like VST synths.

PDC itself is applied to VST plugins and ReWire. Not with MIDI. But if you disable PDC, you might still experience delays from either VST plugins or the ReWire host on the other side. If you have all delay compensation methods alive, you are utmost sure that everything sounds as tight as a straight-jacket.
(except for plugins not supplying a valid delay or Rewire hosts not being fully ReWire compatible)

Thanks all, this is such an amazingly helpful forum.

Got it all worked out now, works beautifully.