Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks.

Ok I have moaned about this before but now I really really want to upgrade from 1.5 to 1.8 but after 15 years of pressing shift and down arrow to select instruments I just can’t do it.

When I go to Preferences (took me long enough to find that!!) Keys, Instruments, Select Previous Instrument and click shift and up in the box, it says “key is not assignable its globally used for selections”

Has anyone written a keymap or anything that will make 1.8 operate in roughly the same way as 1.5? You would make an old man very happy!

hey Harry come on dude !!! Its not the end of the world !! LOL

There is no way to get Shift + the Arrow keys mapped, so this wont really help you.

But give it a try. Its Alt + the Arrow keys now instead of Shift + Arrow. Thats really not that differnet. Use it a few days and you will get used to it.

Are there no external programs that would force my keyboard to work differently???

Or maybe I could take my keyboard apart and rewire it??

It really is driving me nuts!!!

No need to rewire, just swap the ALT and SHIFT keys on your keyboard, it’s very easy! ;)

On a second thought it might not be possible… Shifts are usually bigger than Alts! :P

Harry, I agree - it really was a pain in the ass when changing from 1.5 to 1.8 - but as it was the only bigger change I learned to handle that.

My brother has a 1.5-Renoise and now I accidently press the wrong keys, there.

just get over it harry, it takes a few days (took me too), but after a while it’s not a problem anymore.v :D

I found it a bit annoying too, but an easy switch was to assign the numpad arrows 8 for up, and 2 for down instead, while holding shift… =) Although i hade to make sure to invest in a wireless keyboard that had numpad, cuz the numpad on my laptop was a bit squeezed. Works very well fore me. =) I also assigned F1-F8 to chenge octave. Never got used to the renoise way.

You could try AutoHotkey. It’s meant to be able to remap keys.

It’s free, so it might be worth a try.