can't understand why

i think a new position-ed in renoise ist excatly same important like a new disk-operation or other things …

is everybody satisfied with this???

in my opinion something like this is needed in the next release!!!


I dont like to improve things that will be deleted within some month. A modular sequencer is the goal …


I’m actually very satisfied with the way the tracks are set up. It’s classic and easy to understand.

Besides, why use all that extra screen-space on something you might as well note down with a notebook and a pencil?

At least that’s the way i see it :rolleyes:


ok ok ;)


Euh… :huh: could U quickly describe the “modular sequencer” ?

…and even if I understand Ur point of view, couldn’t U just add the possibility 2 move a pettern up or down inside the list ?