Can't use ASIO

Hi guys! This is kinda odd… I’ve got a M-audio delta audiophile 24/96… When I try to use ASIO I get a wierd sparkleing noise… The latency is not very good either… Anyone know which DMA i should use? I’m using very high at the moment… 1792! Otherwise it doesn’t sound good…

what renoise version are you running ?
what Os do you have and how fast is your computer ?
have you tried to install the latest drivers for your soundcard ?

do you have a motherboard with a KT133 chipset? Thouse chipsets are notoriuosly bad with audio-cards in general…
Do you have the same problem with other progrms than renoise?
The DMA buffer size is realy dependet on your whole system and on wich samplerate you are using, I am using buffer sizes between 128 and 256

hi, I’m having the same problem.
I have an M-Audio Audiophile card, and when I try to use the M-Audio’s ASIO drivers (which work fine for other programs like logic, cubase, etc) it seems to get really “fuzzy”, i.e. I think it’s cutting out cause i don’t think it can keep up.

I’ve got an 800 mhz machine w/ 512 mb ram running windows XP Pro.

the weird thing is, it doesn’t let me set latency here, just defaults to “4 ms” or something. it lets me change buffer size but that doesn’t seem to fix anything : (

is there a less “Graphic intense” mode I can switch to to take the graphics processing load off my machine?

try this :

  • set the “processingbuffer size” in the Audio/Configs tab to 128 or 64
  • check “limit to stereo in/out”
  • click on “ControlPanel” to set up the Latency

Sometimes (with some drivers) you need to check/uncheck “limit to stereo in/out” to clean the driver after switching the engines processingbuffer size.