Can't Wait For The Final Version Of Renoise To Drop


Never really been this stoked about a sequencer, yet alone a program to drop. Last time i’ve been stoked about something like this was when the SNES dropped. Big up yourself sirs.

Now hurry up!!!

:) (j.k.)

They better be adding all the extra shit I want. Audio, Arranger, Colour coding, a revised Freq Analyser as good as the one in Voxengo Span etc

I would be bloody love that.


I was really excited about the first beta’s of 1.8, as to try the new features, but I can’t say that I am very excited about the final release, more than it’s great that there’s a final version without nagging screens and knowing that all bugs have finally and collaborately been nailed out. :)

A Final Release might mean…

Beat Battle V

another beatbattle would be cool!

Looking forward to the Beatbattle. Never participated in one before.

yeah, a BEATbattle!


Try … that’s a little ongoing “beatbattle” that’s turning into a great little renoise/tracker community.