Capitan Mission - first album, half renoise/half ableton

Hi! I’ve released my first album, its called Genesis 2009-2011 and its a compilation of my first tracks, a period of 3 years of evolution.
Im happy with the results, I selected similar tracks and their work ok as an album.
Half of the tracks are entire renoise, the other half entire ableton live.
The genre is something like electronica, drone, downtempo, dark ambient
Hope you like it
from argentina

free, and spread the word if you enjoy it!

Very weird atmosphere. I like the first two songs right away, i think i need to listen to the others more often to get used to it,

Ha. Nice Herzog sample. I used that exact same sample off of youtube in a track myself. Probably others have as well…I really like the vibe of that one, and the sound of it would sit perfectly in many Herzog films. On the whole though, nice work. I like this album a lot.

Thanks both of you! Im happy you like it. Yeah,the atmospheres are very important to me, I find them mysterious, weird & mistic. I wanted to do some blend of drone and electronica.
I love that Herzog quote and all the documentary (burden of dreams), I downloaded it in avi for a better sound quality! : )