Capitan Mission - Untitled Demo #2 (Post-Rock?)

Hi, I uploaded a new track. You will find Viola, distorted Viola, acoustic Drums, psychedelic effects and acid/warm synth sounds.

I like the sounds and melodies, but i kinda think the drums are playing a totally different song or something.
The timing is weird, the drums doesn’t really match the bass and i miss some toms.
Also the intro would be much more pleasant to listen to without those reversed cymbal/snare effects imo.
The track reminded me a bit of Godspeed You Black Emperor, if you haven’t heard it you should definately check it out.

Hey Capitan Mission,

I really like the idea, the “concept” : heavy and sloooow beats, with some orchestral / classical instruments soundscapes & melodies in the foreground, and the phat bass, it’s a good choice, it could nearly be the basic structure of an experimental blackmetal / doom metal track. There are two parts the first one, before 3:47 and the second one after 3:47. As TheBellows said, some drum samples aren’t perfectly aligned on the bass timing, don’t know if it’s willfull or not, this unprecise execution leaves a more “living”/“human” and less robotic taste, and increases a kind of “tension”. The “reverse cymbals / snares” didn’t bothered me, it has its charm. The only thing that could make the track even better is a slight rework of the mix of the second part between 3:47 and 5:23. Because when you create this tension first, you need to release it then. Because this is the “climax” of the track so it deserves something very very powerfull you see. I however don’t really know how it could be achieved through the mix… Maybe for example, lots of drum rolls, the acid bass going through a big distorsion dsp with “shift”, and with other effects on the lead, something more screamy like a good evil cabinet followed by a bright mpReverb and a simple flanger (?). Concerning the lead melody itself, something more “nervous” or simply “faster”, going higher and lower, you see.

i agree with thebellows that the drumsounds sound a bit off to the rest but i did really enjoyed listening to this song while smoking a nice joint haha :P very nice vibe you build up during the whole track