Capricorn Gates - Type-A (electronic)

hey here is my new song

Great and thorougly composed chill-out / synthwave track. Reminds me on Stranger Things a bit. I was listening with the phone and will listen with speakers next time. Is it done in FL?

Did you solve your Renoise CPU problems?

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bro this one was made in reason and mixed in Fl …im still unable to mix anything on reason since the db meters in the ssL are a bit innacurate :frowning:

yeah renoise its working like a charm now i had to reinstall windows and then it worked perfect

im waiting for the good taktik to add audio tracks :slight_smile:

cant loose hope :slight_smile:

glad you like the song

Great also that you are still around. Audio for vocals? Frusciante used / uses? Renoise a lot. I wonder if he added the guitars in Renoise or in another DAW.

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bro the built in timestretch in reason is the best i experienced so far i can drop a synth loop in the arrangement and adjust timing on the fly and it would remain in pitch i can even choose between 3 different modes of timestretch algorithms …
and a lot of the sounds im doing this days are just that rearrange resampled sounds from my library …or downloaded…

i recorded my guitar several times in renoise but adjusting timing when you double track the same line its a bit of a hassle to do in renoise so thats when the traditional arrangement shines :slight_smile:

but yeah renoise sample manipulation in the pattenrs its super cool …i guess changing the daw changes the way you make music

lets see what this new update its going to bring to the table …

What about slicing your two guitar tracks at the same positions and playing the slices with S01, S02, etc.?

Yeah, the DAW affects the music for sure, at least for me. In a more conventional DAW like Reaper I tend to play melodies all the time. As I want to make more rythm based music I’m fiddling with Renoise again. And just after 2 or 3 days I came back, taktik is back :smiley:

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Btw. There’s a timestretch tool based on the Rubberband algo.

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i mean i still can get along with renoise as it is and i enjoy it …of all the music i made last year some of my friends favorite songs were the ones made in renoise
but reason its a different thing the synths and effects are great and the RE format its super stable with my shitty i5 im able to squeeze more tracks and processing in a regular session

so im getting used to fast to that style of working and i have redux as well :slight_smile: