Caps Lock Twice?


The caps-lock key for note off… I have to press it twice every time. In other words - it only works when caps lock is already off… Is this normal?


Actually, You can use the caps lock to place a note-off whether if it is on or off. Maybe your keyboard has a problem when switching caps.


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Thanks! I’m running it on Vista on a HP computer and keyboard. The VICE emulator uses the caps-lock key in a similar way, but there is no trouble there…

No I don’t think this i normal. It works fine here when I press caps on and off.
I also couldn’t find anything about it in the tutorials about it.

Boray, are you using some specific keyboard option like Sticky Keys?
There are more Vista users but currently i notice you are one of the first to report this…

i thought it’s my keyboard fault (really dirty bitch), but as i see no, it’s something else. this same story as Boray ;/ haven’t got time before to report.
on windows 7 build 7100 (32 bit)

ps. working perfect when recorded from midi keyboard


No, I’m not using anything special. And it’s the keyboard that came with the computer. A HP Pavilion, about two years old.

Vista Home Basic, 32 bit, Service Pack 2

I have not experienced this on Vista Home Premium 64 or Vista Enterprise 32.

I instead experience the same thing on my Vista notebook. the only thing I could do was to use a key-replacer application to be loaded before Renoise, which change the function associated to CAPS-LOCK to another key, and then change the key preferences of Renoise in order to associate note-off to another key; there is really nothing you can do but this, as far as I know; we discussed this problem I had during 2.0 alpha stage but we were not able to understand what was causing it; you are the only other person who has this problem: is your notebook an Acer 5920?

Cactoos reported the same issue in Windows 7 earlier…

Try doing notes-off (Caps lock) when you are in record mode (Esc)

Why would I do it when not in edit mode?