Captain Beefheart Dead At 69

I’m sure there are quite a few people here that are into what he has done.
Although it wasn’t really that unexpected, given his disease, it’s sad news never-the-less.

ouch, this is sad news indeed… a very unusually talented composer

wow… I didn’t know about this… sad news. “Trout Mask” really screwed up my fourteen year old mind… and it remains pleasantly scarred to this day… thanks Captain!

Within the last month, both Don Van Vliet and Peter Christopherson passed away? We’re losing some of the greats here people!

Oh My!!! Im really shoked… Im sad men, I love this artist, Its one of my all times favorites… My artistic name is ripped from him… : (((
Thanks Don for all the great music!
His vibrations are making music in the Universe

RIP, Captain.
We might all do different kinds of music, but guys like Beefheart paved the way.