Capture Instrument Button Gone?

This used to hang next to block loop or bpm bars in the upper left side. Where is it now?

Gone to Tracker heaven. But theres an entry for this in the new “Options” Menu, plus the keyboard shortcut also is still there.

The Button IMHO just served as a hint for the shortcut. Pressing “Shift + Return” is something one gets quickly used to?

the general idea behind the “options” menu is to gather all of that options that were erroneusly put into the transport panel and yo had to touch them rarely, or that were put into the Edit => Preferences menu but you had to change them too often.

so always keep an eye to the Options menu ;)

If it’s not a huge deal, I’d see there’s some empty space for the button along these buttons

There are so many shortcuts in the program that I’ve gotten used to doing certain stuff with mouse clicking. And unfortunately this button was one of them. Please bring back my baby :( It’ll also take quite a lot getting used to the new placement of these certain buttons I hold so dear.

Or how about yet another option in the mouse right click menu, like “Toggle instrument capture on/off” and with this on, it’d mean the same as having the original button clicked. I swap samples a lot when composing and doing it always using some shortcut key would cause a few grey hairs to grow. :)


Oh well, I guess I should really keep my eye on the Options menu :) But I just love clicking buttons!

We had it in there, but theres already now far to much in this bar so it went out again.

There will always be something, that someone misses having as button, so I think we can only solve this by allowing to customize such bars - some when. Until then we’d like to keep the GUI as clean as possible…

Oh yes, customizing a set of “hot” buttons would be dreamy. It’s a bit unfortunate that the current set of buttons on that new bar doesn’t have more than a few ones I personally use.

Mmm, right now right clicking the bar does nothing… but if it would show a list of possible buttons you’d want the bar to show… Yes, this would be a serious +1 from me!

C’mon… shift + return is like 5 minutes to get used to…
No big deal…

It’s indeed a big deal when it’s about your personalized work flow and changing a habit you’ve had for several years - just for the sake of one little button missing.

shift + alt + “” to let it do automatically then. It is indeed realy only a habit problem.

lol. you are nearly 5 years here and never had to change your habit? remember the alt/shift/ctrl switch for instrument selection, the bpm/tick system change or the new focus system for the function-keys just to
list a few potential workflow changes.

and now be a brave padawan and learn to use your powers.

hint: dont track with a mouse :D

If that’s what you’re comfortable with/used to, why not?
Instead: Advice: you can normally do things faster with the keyboard than with the mouse. As every one knows.
dfast’s request is perfectly legitimate. I don’t this button though.

This particular button had become a very common and solid part of my work flow, this means that I used the button A LOT, pretty much constantly. Sure I can adapt to new methods and using efficient shortcuts, but this little pointless button was really dear to me. And now they taketh it from us!

I’ve never used it, ‘capture instrument’ that is. What am I missing?

when you’re focused in the pattern editor, capture instrument chooses the nearest instrument to your cursor position. (did i explain that right?) very very very very very useful for very fast editing

and yeah, i was really missing the capture instrument button… but it’s removal and this thread got me using shift + enter…

the button was holding me back.

Reealllly. I’ve never used this button either but now that I know about shift-enter I am gonna use it all the time. Thanks for the tip!

all the sudden i realize… i’m glad the button is gone.

for a long time i never used the instrument capture function. never even understood it. then got really into it. the button was deeply ingrained in a certain type of…uh…editing mindset or attitude… like when the song was mostly finished and i just wanted to do some quick tweaks to notes here or there

sometimes when i had the tick box on, “capture nearest instrument mode”, i’d do some crazy intense note editing for a while, and then slide into another mindset and forget about the fact that i had the box ticked. then my note editing would get all wonked-out because i forgot to untick the box.

but now, with this shift + enter business, i never have to worry about that wonky note editing business when i change gears. i also noticed that i assimilated the shortcut quite quickly. used to take me a while to really integrate a shortcut into my flow. been working on avoiding the mouse as much as possible here latlely. the more you try to remember the shortcuts and use them, the easier they will become part of your workflow.

geeze…i’m rambling…

dfast’s suggestion is still valid though. i really missed the button for like 2 hours the other day. everybody got a different thing goin…

Yes, personalized work flow.
Part of my Renoise experience is to adopt loads of shortcuts even if I’m used to do some things with mouse before. It’s like training your work to flow better and it offers huge satisfaction when you manage to adopt something more effective every now and then.
Of cause some habits are hard to die. For me it’s navigating between instrument slots… I cannot get rid of doing it with mouse :S But I’m trying ;)

Just adding my2c here stating that I would like to see the button back, I was actually using it often (I mostly use Renoise to send MIDI to various video game systems)…

… but no big deal indeed as it is accessible from options menu =P