Capture Screen Software

Hey guys,

Just one question. What softwares do you use for recording screen action and audio simultaneously?


On Windows I use CamStudio which is excellent and free.

I’m not a Mac user, so I can’t give you any advice there unfortunately.

Hypercam is fast and convinient, but it usually totally messes up the sync. Also it’s shareware, but there is free version though it adds an overlay to the capture.
Camstudio syncs usually pretty good, but it’s slow as fuck and I’ve experienced some quite annoying bugs with it.
Camtasia is one of the best, it has pretty good performance and it syncs well. But again it’s shareware and the evaluation only lasts 40 days if I remember correctly.
I currently use Debut by NCH Software. It’s free to use, performance is fair enough, and no sync problems.

Use Jing! (Insert hyped-up ad here)

Seriously, it’s free, and I like it. Give it a try if you don’t want Grab or something.

Oh, but doesn’t do audio. I need a mac program for something like that DESPERATELY!

Thanks guy! I’m running under Windows so I’m gonna try CamStudio and Debut.

I use Jing for short things (< 5 minutes) and Camtasia Studio for longer videos (Camtasia does capture system audio, btw). (Both are available for Windows and Mac).

Camtasia is a bit pricy but - in the interest of full disclosure - I get mine for free because I work for those guys.

Mac OSX comes with a great screen capture tool called Grab.
On windows I use (the free and opensource) ZScreen.

Tons of features.