Capturing midi renoise -> rosegarden

Just wondering about recording midi between processes…

Let’s say i use rosegarden to capture midi from renoise - is there a way to “capture” the tempo changes, time signatures etc. as well as the notes? Renoise has a “midi clock master” feature, which i thought did this, but the resulting midi data in rosegarden keeps the default of 4/4 120bpm.

Also, is there a way to instruct rosegarden to start recording when renoise starts playing?


I don’t know for sure because I’ve never tried it, but have you tried routing the midi signals through jack?

Yeah, same result as just selecting the in/out devices in each program…

What i’m trying to do is have rosegarden start recording midi at the same time as renoise starts playing, and setting the correct tempo (and tempo changes) instead of keeping the default of 120bpm.

…maybe i should ask this on the rosegarden forums / irc channel / whatever, if any exists…?