Dark and fudgy. :slight_smile:

It’s impossible. mexico or n.america only. but u did it anyway.

hey i am joking, kind of. stand in the place where you live! good job.

I must honestly admit that i have no idea what you’re joke is referring to, but i like jokes though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do i live in the wrong place for making this kind of music or something?

me too. but you boil the can hard, bro! dulce de leche! you’re stuff been so good lately, sorry the random comments that makes no good sense to you. you been doing better and better for real!

One thing which unites Mexico & N. America.

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Just joking :slight_smile:

Powerful work! Especially from 2.30 when key starts playing, like a bang!

oh, and the beers! cokes snd the beers!

said random stuff to bump your talents. that’s all. apologizes…

Haha, i promise it hasn’t been snowing here for a while, but the hills are quite green. And i’m not talking about meteorological climate phenomenons.

Here’s a remix i made with some old radio recordings i found on Internet Archive. :slight_smile: