Carmen Chiles - Love Is (transient Remix)

recently caught up with an old friend from high school ( who sent me over some acapellas from her tunes. here’s a lil remix i whipped up :) enjoy!…sient_remix.mp3

The frame sounds good, but i think this song is a bit too baldly clothed, so adding some colorful accessories would probably not miss-suit it ;)

Sounds lovely. One little hihat is mixed way too loud though, it really jumps out of the mix. If only it would be softer, the whole song would turn into something much more lushy imo :)

yeah, i agree it could definitely use a couple more days of variation adding. this was more a single sitting kind of deal to pass some time :) maybe someday i’ll get more in detail with it.
i’ll investigate the high hat as well.

really beautiful. she has a good voice. the beats are great too. really enjoyed it.