Casio XW-P1 + Renoise - Using specific instruments >.<

Hi, Renoise user for a year, first time poster. Just had to give up on the DIY method and ask for help :( If someone can help me I’d be forever in their Debt :D

Using a Casio XW-P1 with Renoise and wanting to use the onboard sounds through Midi OUT to USB. I seem to be having issues with Bank number/Channel/Program Number as I can only seem to load General Midi sounds, and no the XW/User configured sounds on the synth.

Tone list for Synth

Checking the tone list doesn’t seem to help. According to the Renoise User manual. Under “Bank” I have to enter the LSB & MSB combined, but I can only see anything related to MSB on the tone list.

For example: I want to us the following Sound:

Group Name: SOLO SYNTH

Obviously, entering Bank :98 - Program: 1 in Renoise doesn’t produce my desired results. Haven’t found the answer via Google/Searching. Any help would be awesome!

Thanks for your time :)

Which version of Renoise are you trying?
I recall there were problems with sending program changes to midi output gear:

Hey, thanks for getting back to me. I’m sorry, I completely forgot to add that info. As far as I can remember I’m using Renoise 2.8 on Mac. I’m not home right now so will confirm in an hour or so :) I’ll have a look through those links when I’m home and double check. If it helps, I can scroll through the General Midi sounds just fine, it’s just any custom sounds or XW sounds I can’t seem to get :(

Thank you!

Just to confirm. I am on 2.8 64 Bit on OS X 10.9.1

Also; just had a go with an XP Virtual Machine on Renoise 2.8.1 and issue is still there. Had a look through those links and unfortunately couldn’t find an answer. Would the easiest method be to downgrade Renoise? :(/>

Edit: Also, I’ve tried the Renoise 2.5 Demo to see if that makes a difference. But that’s still a no go. Beginning to feel like I’m either being extremely stupid or just genuinely missing something/not understanding something. And I think it’s to do with how Renoise does the Bank selection:

Renoise Manual: Instrument Settings

But no idea what the LSB should be, if the MSB is 98 :\

I was being stupid it seemed! Running the XP Virtual Machine. I used MIDIOX to get the combined LSB/MSB value. Whacked that into Renoise and it worked! Managed to use a XW Patch! :D

Only issue I have now is using multiple patches in different instruments. Seems it only likes to use the one instrument. But I’m sure I’ll work that out eventually :)

LSB / MSB stands for Least significant Bit and Most Significant Bit.
In a lot of configurations, these can be se(n)t separate but in Renoise you have to manually put / calculate all of this in the same value before you send it. I’m not sure if some devices actally require a specific order of receiving MSB / LSB, that is perhaps indeed where MIDIOX does the trick. I personally have not tried working with these figures extensively. The only midi keyboard i have that could receive this kind of info broke down on midi communication before i even got my hands on it.

Thanks vV :)

All this MSB/LSB is taking me back to my Computer Science lectures donkeys years ago!

Seems to be doing the trick anyhow. I just now need to work out why I can’t use multiple patches on different instruments. But I’m sure I’ll get there :)

Thanks again for your help.