Cave Crew theme extended (SID, chip, electro)

This is an extended version of a theme music I made for a small Android game a few years back.

Now with 200% added goodness inside.

The arps in the background in the end come from the SammichSID, otherwise everything is pretty much some analog synth samples and Alchemy, ACE and Omnisphere…

Fun!!! Nice and demosceney throwback lead. A nice upbeat atmosphere. I think the leads could use to be louder in the mix.

SWEET changeup that happens around 2:45. I love the distorted guitar!!

Just out of curiousity, what is the android game? :slight_smile: I was an android game addict for about 1 year until I threw my xperia play and now I’m back to PSP until I get another android thing.

Overall, this is a solid song with likeable melodies.

Keep up the good work man