Cd, Mp3, Or Minidisc?

I want to fade in and out some of my renoise songs for transitions between me running my gameboy with lsdj in live mode for a live-pa set. I was wondering what format would be better for this: cd, mp3, or minidisc?

mp3 allows more flexibility when it comes to selecting tracks/samples. Both CD and minidisc require pre-recording/burning, while you can decide what mp3 to play when on the fly.

Well you see that’s exactly what I assumed, however I keep reading about minidiscs being really useful for live-pa, do you possibly know why?

Nope, sorry… this is new for me, too…

Minidiscs are probably better than CD because they’re less likely to skip or be damaged.

MP3s are not CD quality but I doubt anyone could tell over a PA system.

The amount of times I’ve seen argue over this one isn’t funny.

So you’re going to be using a separate player, rather than say Winamp/iTunes from your computer? If so I would say go for a mp3 type player with wav files. Preferably something flash based, rather than hard drive (a lot more robust and longer battery life) as then you don’t need to organise separate media as well as the player and can still have uncompressed material.

Yeah I’ll be using a seperate player due to the fact that I don’t have an audio interface and my computer is a desktop and not a laptop, though whenever I do get an interface I’ll still lug that thing on to a stage. I think I’ll go with your suggestion. I thought mp3 players would be the better bet.