Cd Production

Hey guys,

just finishin up my first album using strictly renoise however i haven’t got any good software for CD cover designing and printing. i need a program that can do jewel case inserts too. does anyone have any suggestions or preferences?

any that aren’t too pricey are welcome. thanks.

wow thats great…

what kind of music are you into?

Unfortunately can’t help you with the cover thing… never done it…

Nero have a cdcover desiger that can also print the round labels you put on the cd.

For cover on the jewlcase use any paintprogram and or vector program, Print and cut out.

Its not that difficult, just take a out te artwork from a CD and meassure the length and width, create a document in Photoshop with the same meassures at
150dpi and up, just about okay print quality
300dpi resolution and up (pro print quality).

For cover geometery and design I use MS Publisher. For gfx I use Adobe Photoshop 7. If you’re on PC these are probably the most powerful tools you have to generally attack this task. These packages are pricey, but I’m not strictly saying you should have to pay for them ;) .

Also, be sure to get out your favourite CD design and measure the dimensions with a mm ruler - you want your design to be acurate for printing. Most booklets are 120x120 mm per panel, but other aspects can come in all shapes and sizes… even smells :blink: . If you want it to look pro then do up a good master on computer and then send it to a printing company. If not, be prepared for lo-fi.

A google search on the topic will yeild heaps too…

iNlay Card:
Wide -> 151 mm
Height -> 118 mm

Wide -> 121 x 2
Height -> 120

the easiest way to do cover art is to get signed to a label and have them do it for you :D

I think the best (and most professional) thing to do is let someone else do it, someone’s who’s been doing it all their lives so to speak.

It’s probably best to spend a little money for this as opposed to trying it yourself.

Hmm, maybe this could be said for mastering as well … :)