Cd+vinyl Combined !

Check this out, a german company figured out a way to combine CD and Vinyl - One side is an ordinary CD, the other one made of vinyl which can feature a track (guessing from the size approx. 5-7 minutes).

Go here and look at the end of the page.

Now you can do an album and have a single for the DJs at the same time …

Found at

I read somewhere that a cd like this can hold only 3 minutes or so with analoge audio. but still, extremly nice :)

they make perfumed CD’s!!! i want one with chorizzo flavour

well, three minutes is not that much, unfortunately … but still cool.

yeah… 5" diameter isn’t much space to hold vinyl grooves … still a pretty neat concept, although i doubt it will catch on at all outside of any kind of niche market, due to the growing obsolecense of both cd and vinyl formats :(

I guess it will be very expensive, but great for special editions with a bonus track or something.