Yesterday noticed my all my CD’s standing in the cd-shelf and realized I haven’t popped a CD in a player (PS3 or computer) this side of new years-eve. I only listen to Spotify and/or imported music in iTunes these days and I haven’t bought a CD in well over a year either. And I have even more CD’s in a box somewhere too.

So, what should I do with my CD’s? As it is now they’re just gathering dust and taking up space. Constructive suggestions welcome.

I ripped all my CDs, then put them all away in the top most part of a wardrobe. (A place I really can’t reach easily anyway)

Ripped all of mine as well. But actually one thing I still love (at least when visiting new cities) is browsing for older electronica albums in second hand stores. Usually I end up buying a ton, then go back home and rip them. Why? I like the physical booklets, all the extended info and artwork you don’t get on digital streaming services. But then again I’m probably somewhat of a music geek ^_^

I only listen to my CD’s ripped as well but I just love the sight of two filled CD cabinets in my room :lol:/>
I don’t know what music you listen to but if you want to get rid of your cd’s, SEND THEM TO MEEE.

I rip all my CDs and listen to the digitally, but I still love having them so a) I have something to listen to in the car besides the radio, and B) if my hard drive decides to explode, at least I have something left to fall back on. It’s also just really nice to find the occasional gem underneath piles of awful dance compos in the record stores around here.