Ceephax - Sidney's Sizzler

Hey all !

I can’t refrain myself to post this video here.

It’s a clip for a track that will appear on the next Ceephax release (for the begin of the year). The song is already a hit in my opinion, and the video is so perfect…

Ceephax Acid Crew Sidney’s Sizzler Forthcoming Planet Mu Records Ltd

Happy new acid year :)

Yeah, saw this on another forum, love it!

FINALLY it’s being released! I heared that track performed by him on the Invasion of the 50ft Sound System Tour back in 2006, it’s an addictive acid monster :D

Jesus, I’ve been waiting for that song for so goddamn long I just want to swear.


hah, awesome. my eyes hurt. :P

sweet, its about time there was another proper ceephax record which isn’t one of his crap cassette tapes. only ceephax would connect the absurd dots between acid and trippy jumpers in such a utterly tasteless and headache inducing manner.