Ceero - Parka

New version up. Tweaked some sounds quite a bit, tried to tweak the mix (removed unneeded low frequencies etc), changed some tones around and various other small fixes. Is it any better? Old version below.


http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http://soundcloud.com/ceero/ceero-parka-ver-2 width=100% height=81[/embed]

Edit: Hm, need to introduce the synth at 1:01 a bit more easily into the track, bit harsh right now

Old post:

9 hrs of work = new track. Minimal Techno(ish)



http://player.soundcloud.com/player.swf?url=http://soundcloud.com/ceero/ceero-parka width=100% height=81[/embed]

Not in a genre a listen to a lot, but some quick thoughts.

Intro sounds very clean, tight. I’m a dirt fan, but I think it fits the genre.

On the melody riff, I know it says minimalism in the title, and this might be a “Well, if I had written it” thing, but if you want a bit more movement in the riff, (yeah, I know what minimalism means, I just choose to ignore it), seems like one of the phrases is crying out to end on a G#, which would make it sound pseudo-happy for a brief second. (Like “C#-C-F, C#-C-F, C#-C-F#, C#-C-G#”)

The drums at 2.00 have a nice backbeat.
The higher pitched thing at 2.33 enters a little weird, but after a while it starts to sound pretty good, so I don’t know.

The squelch around 3.50 fits nice.

The grand stop at 5.06ish sounds like it should start just a tiny bit earlier to me.

Ending sounds fine.

Overall, I think this is mixed pretty well, written pretty good, nice sound to it.

You’re now officially my favourite feedback’er, and I’m pretty impressed that you hit the right tones for the synth, tbh :)
I’ll try your riff out.
The higher pitched thingie is white noise, a bit overused in this kind of music, but I liiiike it.

And thank you for the overall, that’s really what I’m after. Still need to squeeze more volume out of it though

Very nice. Definitely not within my domain of greatest knowledge, but it sounds good to me!

I liked the stereo image/mixing in this, everything has a really nice place in the mix, causing it all to mesh together well and even adding interest in itself. The depth field created with the different reverbs is pleasing as well.

Well done in my opinion! :)

New version up. Sorry nonoteven, your riff didn’t sound quite right to my ears :confused:

hey ceero, neat tune.
like the general feel of it, and i guess the deep minimal bass will sound good on a big system.
i’d say opp av bækkalokket og inn på ploink B)

however, since this is meant to be played out (i assume), maybe you should build the track down at the end,
at least I would appreciate that if i planned to use it in a dj set.

ding! ding!

ok, i know you’re not here on the board to make friends… fair enough.
but man, this is not constructive.

challenge: since you apparently have such great understanding of minimal techno, it’s vibe, and sound production in general, show us what u got baby.

Actually I’ve played on Ploink a couple times, as well as Deep and BLY ;)
Only as DJ though

And the idea with the pretty energetic ending was so it could be looped so you could work the next track in at a similar “level” (most tracks start off pretty slow). Might be a bit too much though maybe

Edit: Personally I don’t think this track is very “exciting” so to speak, it’s decent but gets a bit boring. I’m just too focused on figuring out how to mix the sound properly these days. I feel I’m moving in the right direction though, so hopefully soon I can get back to focusing more on the tracks themselves

let me know next time you’re doing a set here, i pop in at these events now and then :)
i’m working on a bunch of more techy tracks myself these days. would love to do a live set at ploink - some day.

Since you asked :P

Dunno if you can see this if you’re not on facebook, but I’ll be playing here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=327711566427&index=1 from 00.30 to 01.00 if everything goes according to plan

thanks ceero - yup, looks like fun!
i hope to be there, and if not the whole night at least to catch your set B)

I really can’t give any very constructive feedback, since I really don’t know about mixing things - it sounds just fine to my ears. But the track itself I really like, although I have to admit it would need a little something, some variation somewhere after the first half or so, but I really do like this and some of the sounds are something I’ve been wanting to learn how to make. Thanks for posting :D