Center/Pan in Delay fx (Maybe a Bug)

I might found a bug in the renoise delay - device (simple one) - it is set to ping/pong LR - Trying to center both L/R seems a struglle, it somehow doesnt work properly (easy) to zero/center the Pan. A doubleclick shift to the right - a right click opens automation.

imo - it should zero/center with double - clicking, which it does not - its mad fiddly to set it to 0.


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It IS a BUG.

Some of the presets are set to Ping/Pong.
Some are set to Center - L -5 / R -5 wich is NOT Center=0
Right clik flips to extreme Right/left AND Double Click again to -5 R/L

Thhis is WRONG - double clickt should set to R/L= 0 which is CENTER.


Double click resets the slider to its default value. The sliders in the delay device set the delay’s left channel and right channel panning, so they should be by default full left and full right.

In the mixer and other places where panning should be centered by default, they will reset to the center value.

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ok I tried again on 3.0 and 3.1

I get the logic & thank you for the fast reply.

I still think its a bit then then or not “optimal” - this is why_

Delay “init” set to ping/pong - dubbleclick resets to L/R (pp) this is ok.

Delay “mono 1_4” L/R should be centered = 0 - if hoverin the mouse it shows: “R= -5 // L= -3” - this is the default setting & should be l/r centered to zero instead. Double click sets to pingpong l/r then again. And this is the (mini bug) problem - trying to set these both to exact zero / center is a bit painful & not to easy to achieve, as there is no easy way to do this.

IMO it would make more sense if Doubclick always centers to 0 and then ave the presets for pingpong already set l/r - as you can easy manualy pan to extrem L/R but not easily Center to =0. Hope this makes sense.

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