Change default sample length for drawing new samples

An awesome feature i use a lot is to draw simple “chipped” waveforms in the sample editor - select the “draw” button and click on an empty instrument slot, a box appears asking for the size, frequency, etc. of the new sample to be created… except on higher notes, the aliasing is more noticeable in Renoise 3 than it was in 2.8 (or is it just my imagination)

…anyway, the default for drawing a new sample is 168 samples long, with a base note of C-4. The saw/sine/square/triangle .XRNI’s in the “Elements” directory are i believe 672 long with a base note of C-0, and they sound much better when playing high notes. Why not make this the default when drawing new samples?

TBH I’d like to set all sorts of defaults in the preferences.

…anyone else would see an advantage in this?

Yep, would make more sense as default.

I would like to have “cycles” and “basenote” fields in the create new waveform popup. This way we could have proper sample length no matter what samplerate we choose.

Changing default sample length is a good start though.

Well, the whole idea of drawing chipped waveforms is that they’re (in vast majority) single-cycle… unless you mean something else…?

Yeah, this or just have the ability to set the default in preferences.