Change Edit Mode Colour!

Pleeeeeeease can we have the ability to change the red EDIT MODE colour, it’s not very bright (i have crap eyesight) and it’s a PITA when you don’t notice it’s still enabled, start adjusting sliders on your midi controller when playing back and it records everything for the last 5mins :\

bribes devs with beer :)

Isn’t it changable in Options>Preferences>Theme ?

I looked but didn’t find it, even opened searched the themes/*.xml for ‘edit’ and such. Maybe I missed it but all the themes have the edit mode thing in red, so I assume it’s non-configurable.

Hmm, couldn’t find it either.

Since Renoise uses needs direct x to work, can’t we get cool fx like flashing psychedelic borders? :wink: …but seriously, although the red line is rather thin, the record button makes it obvious enough imo.

I can see it, I’d rather change it to yellow or orange or light green. There are times when I’m jamming or something something and from the corner of my eye I’d like to know if it’s on/off from a distance :)

Psych colours would be kinda funky for live shows :)


It doesn’t seem logical that this color wouldn’t be themable.

To be honest I’m always having trouble finding the spot of the selected color. For instance, I still don’t know what ‘Alternate_Main_Back’ stands for…

I’d be happy if the whole background of the pattern editor changed colour when one has edit-mode on. Coming at Renoise from years and years of ST3/IT2, I just don’t feel comfortable with the Renoise pattern editor. I sometimes end up overwriting something by accident, making stupid mistakes that just turn me further off it. Any kind of configurability towards the colour, so it’d be easier to notice when edit-mode is on or off would definitely be +10000