Change Sample Tempo But Keep Original Pitch

Hi everyone -

I’ve got some song stems which I’m playing around with - the original song is at 140bpm, however I want my version of the tune to be at about 155bpm.

I’ve cut the stems down into 1 bar samples, then used the sync function & re-sampled them at the new tempo. I’m thinking it must be possible to keep these samples at their original pitch by using the Pitch Shift add-on in the sample editor, but not sure how to approach it. Any ideas?

Much appreciated!

you can use the timestretch tool, which is good but still not as easy to use as you might want it to be… I really want a native time-stretcher/warp.thingie in renoise…

Cheers! Haven’t played around with that - I’ll look into it :)

The Rubberband Timestretch I think is very easy to use, but it’s static and not very flexible. Plus one for some sort of a native realtime stretcher :).